First 2k ever = 9:36:02 ... Been rowing almost one month; 5'3 97 lbs; how terrible is this?

I started crew for the first time ever on April 3. I've had minimal time on the erg, though I recently did a 1500 on the water. I am 5'3 and 97 lbs, just turned 15... my first 2k was 9:36, please tell me honestly how bad this is, considering the other factors. Also any erg tips?


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For your first 2k at that height and weight and you've only been rowing for one month it's pretty good. Remember during the third 500m to focus on parts of your stroke and always remember to breath.

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Patience is the key to rowing - the longer you do it the better you get. That is why senior rowers can do a better time than those much younger - it's all about technique.

Don't stress about your times on the erg - use ergs for practicing good technique without having to worry about the balance issues you have in the boat.

Relax and enjoy!

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That is actually relatively good. The first 2k I ever pulled I got a 9:00.09, I had been rowing maybe a little longer than you, but weighed a full 20 pounds more than you and was taller. I know incredibly powerful rowers who have recieved over 10 minutes as their first 2k score. Just keep up the good erging and you'll do fine!

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Go to the page cited below. Change the parameters so you're looking at 15 y.o. males. About half of the first page (if you look at 2007) are doing better than me (a college senior). If you click to the last page, there are a few that you've got beat.

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