How dangerous is hitting the water at high speeds?

My friend and I are debating whether tubing is really dangerous. I've towed someone behind a Sea-Doo at 55 Mph if you were to bounce out of the tube and hit the water at that speed, how dangerous/painful would that be?


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It depends on the way you fall into the water.
But if you fall bad, it could be as painful as falling on a road.
Consider this example.
There's a man been towed at high speed and the sea is still.
Now consider the relative motion, which is dynimically equivalent.
Say the man is still and the sea moves through him. It's just a big wave that's gonna hit him at 55Mph!
I wouldn't like to take that water in my face...

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EFfingg painful, thats what. Water has a horribly high surface tension. It'll be like smashing face-first into a brick wall. Except worse---you are likier to drown >_<

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dangerous enough to splatter your brains and make your heart skip beats ( * -*)

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you ever watch mythbusters?
they say if your going at a certain speed and at a certain height water is like hitting concrete. =/

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It can be dangerous, depending on how you land, but mostly you will be sore, really sore, i wouldn't want to do it everyday, maybe every other day.

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It hurts. 55 is probably above the recommended speed, but I've done it plenty of times, just never with a curve or with big waves around. Speeds between 20-35 MPH are more than enough with a skilled boat driver to knock anyone off the tube (or bruise them pretty well).
At those speeds, you risk broken noses, fingers, toes, and possible injury to the teeth or eardrums, and concussions. On a tube, you are more likely to skip off the water at that speed rather than smack into it and stop on first contact. That will reduce the overall injury and is why limb injuries would be most common.

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well i have jumped off a mastercarft flat out lol it really hurt

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