Where can i buy a skimboard in singapore?

wood skimboards or atleast a place where they make wood skimboards.


Is wake boarding hard?

U can buy a wide selection of wakeboard, bindings, board shorts, bikinis etc... in Pro Shop at East Coast Parkway... .http://www.ski360degree.com/map.gif...

Some of the brands it carry include Krown, Gator, CWB, Hyperlite, New Schnitzel and O'Neil...


U can bought Online. http://www.exileskimboards.com/html/misc...

Are there any wave pools where i can learn to surf?

Up till now, I've only seen 2 skimboarders here.
Guess the culture hasn't caught up here, you would better luck importing it or requesting a local sea-sports store to bring it in.

Is it better to buy a new or used pontoon boat for an all-recreation lake?

You can buy a skim-board in Singapore!

What is Crew?


the best variety of skimboards in the world and will ship anywhere!

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