Where can I find a Scuba Diving club in Orlando FL?

I am a certified diver and new to the area...


I have just started kayakin i had a go at rolling but couldnt do it this has kinda put me off a bit?

3465 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804
Fax-(407) 849-1427
Email: kamfdi@aol.com

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Probably in the ocean.

How to get a Kayak onto Renault Scenic?

Orlando has several clubs. Check with some of the scuba shops in town

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Dayo Scuba of Orlando, Florida, provides open water scuba diving lessons, training, cavern, cave and technical scuba training, guided tours, weekday and weekend diving trips, group or private lessons, underwater photography and classes for PADI, ... Dayo Scuba Open Water, Cavern, Cave & Technical Training Sites: Orlando/Central Florida Dive Sites, Boats & Clubs ...www.scubadiver.cc/centralfl...
Try this one

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