How much typically does 1 or 2 jet skiis weight with ther trailer? How much does a 2 horse trailer weight?


Jetski help?

Jet skis greatly vary in how much they can weigh. Typical weights for a jetski are:

Two stroke standup - 350 - 425 pounds each
Two stroke 2 seater - 520 - 580 pounds each
Two stroke 3 seater - 540 - 640 pounds each
Four stroke 3 seater 675 - 775 pounds each

Trailer weights can be anywhere from 350 pounds to over 1,000 pounds depending on what they are made out of ( aluminum, steel ) wheel size, number of skis that can be carried, accessories that are carried ( gas, equipment )

My best guess is your looking at close to a thousand pounds for one ski, trailer, gas, life jackets, spare parts, etc.

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