When to fly a spinnaker?


A knot(sailing) equals how many m.p.h? and how many miles or knots - 1 league?

On a downwind reach in sailing.

Is there a certain length of surfboard you should get in regards to your height?

What Bob said, but also when you have good trained crew to deploy and recover it and a good helmsman who isn't going to cause you to broach. Otherwise, leave it in the sail bag.

Are the Boston Whaler jet boats any good?

the moment you round the mark lol

What is the best size hardboard for a beginner, that wants to progress to a shortboard?

a foresail spinaker in light to moderate winds, unless you are out and out racing, and then when the helmsman starts screaming pop the kite, they wil know. a mizen spinaker, along with a main spinaker in light trade winds only. However do not try this trick in a race, it doesn't work, when they drop the mizen spinaker on the helmsman, this is experience speaking.

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