Any one know of a good female working deoterant for when I work out hard?


How do i get more powerful serves and spikes for volleyball?


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is called: colombichaso, lol, well baby you can use me as your deodorant so i can be under your arms. :) lol

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Arraid Extra Dry for women. Trust me it is the best I have found.


I use Adidas deoterant for when I work hard. Degree is ok but it doesnt work as well. Considering its manufacred by a sports company it kinda has too work.

Tips for a better Attack/Spike..?

I use Certain Dri...It does not have any sent to it so I also use Addidas fittness fresh deodorant...This should work out for you!!

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if it's the sweating and wetness thats bothering you, then i would get certain dry (they have it at like target and pretty much everywhere), thats what i use because my armpits used to sweat like crazy, and this totally works, i swear!! its a total life saver. but if its just like the b.o. then i would get either mitchum (womens), or the womens adidas, because they both work really really good.

What are the guidelines of volleyball?

use the new secret "clinical strength" or certain dri...but those two you have to apply at night and stuff.

or use sure..

OR go to the doctor and get him or her to prescribe "drysol"..nothing stronger, except can get botox shots that last for 6 months and you wont sweat.

my dermo recommends that..if you can afford it, it works!

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Bacon grease

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i use either the Adidas Gel or Ban, Ban really helps with sweating!!

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