Are there any volleyball (amateurial) clubs in London?

Hi! I would like to join a volleyball club in London to train and play for fun. I've done a search on the internet, but most clubs are either for gay men only or professional league clubs. I would like to train and play for fun and I'm also willing to take part in tournaments. Do you know any clubs in London, preferably within an easy reach from Vauxhall/Battersea?


Jeltsin Cup volleyball (women)?


Try the Volleyball newsletter list of clubs:

One I saw was Wimbledon VC

They seem to have a good range of teams.

Or try Vas's Volleyball links

Where I found this one

They seem to have a fair range from London League to beginners.

Good luck with finding a team!

Our spikes will burn the court to vapour; you're gonna need some toilet paper!


Where to play beach volleyball in Gold Coast?

Um I'm not so sure but if you want to ask some of your friends if you could play somewhere and or you can start a petition or something

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