How can my team play a really good volleyball game?! Or get my team motivated..?

Hi! Tomorrow me and 5 friends are playing volleyball! We aren't very good, we aren't even a "real" team. But people pay money to see us, and then all the proceeds go to a very good cause. Plus, every time we win (it's a tourny) there are cash prizes which we can donate as well! We are OKAY, but not great.. is there a way for us to do well? Other than stretching or whatever? How do you get your teamates pumped up and motivated?! Any tips? Thanks! :D


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you could get cheerleaders too come too games and cheer for you. that really makes you motivated! ok do this befor your game.

1.take a nap. it will help you get all of your energy bakc for the game.

2. eat. eat something like a salad, orange and a glass of water. something healthy will give you fuel too get more energy and play a great game!

3. way befor the game get all the players together and pracitce everything. moves,plays. the works! run some laps and and get your body pumped! and do not forfet too stretch!

4. right befor the game tell the girls too give it there all and really show who's boss! get them pumped!

5. drink lot's of water and gather your thoughts befor you go out. keep your eye on the ball and the players.

also if your team is not very good then have practice day's. like wensday and friday. from 4:30 too 5:15. get in too it! just practice plays, hitting the ball,passing the ball to another player,serving it,geting it over the net,diving for the ball, and laps. when you play get team colored shirts and come up with a team name and mascot. go too a store and get t-shirts(all the same color) and shorts(all the same and daisy duke shorts) black would be best. you can go too and sports shop and get knee pads and elbow pads. and you could get those paint pens to write the
number on each players shirt(in black). and make up a team name like put in were you live like the westlake lions or the coast ford wolves. mascot is easy. all of you pick a hard core animal too represent your team. anything like. lions,tigers,bears,hornets,pan... and get good tennies! it will help!and keep your hair in a poneytail or bun. out of the way.

now if you do all of this then that will get you motivated! it will make you more foucest and give you something too get pumped
for~! good luck~ and goooooooo team!

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Start shooting the ones that do bad. The others will quickly learn to play well.

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