Best volleyball camp in no.calif. for 1 on 1 position attention for hs girls?


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No. Cal..I'm gonna think it's the same as here, So. Cal. If there's a local community college by you, ask them. the ones here seem to know a lot about the camps. I wouldn't think No. Cal's any different from the ones in So Cal. You could also go online and find some. They don't really give you speficis about which one's the best at what though. So you may want to look deeper into it. it's really hard to find something online sincemost of the camps seem to be located in LA. however...

" (San Francisco area) Contact Pat Powers, (760) 635-3994. THE NUMBER ONE RATED VOLLEYBALL CLINIC IN THE NATION IS COMING TO ALAMEDA! Held on October 7-8, Olympic Gold Medallist, Pat Powers will conduct a volleyball clinic at Bladium Sports Club in Alameda. The clinic is for junior and adult players. Our technique oriented camp includes: backspins when passing, power hitting, time a set, develop peripheral vision, make your float serve dance, defenseive positioning, comunication, broad-jump into the set, snap a ball instead of hitting it, playing three seconds into the future, reacting to bodies instead of the ball and much much more! Juniors will learn how to position themselves for a collegiate scholarship. Contact us for details or link to our web site.

NIKE Volleyball Camp, Contact: Hilary Scott. (San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto and Oxnard) 1-800-645-3226. Held in northern California at the University of San Francisco in San Francisco, at the University of Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz and at Stanford University in Palo Alto. Held in central California at Oxnard College in Oxnard. Develop important skills and new excitement about the game. Acheive a new level of play and gain self confidence. A fun and challenging camp helps you master fundamental skills, experience game situations, learn team play and make great friends. Make the team for any level of play! "

hope that gives you somewhat of a clue. anywho..good luck!

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stanford is REALLY good but sadly for me i cant go cuz i go to my dads during thr same time they have it every summer. i do love going to my dads tohugh. i get to water ski!!

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