Anyone who knows anything about volleyball?

ok when the other team is surving and the ref blows the wistle can u move, or do u have to wait till they hit the ball?


What is the dimension of vollyball court?

once the ref blows his whistle you have to stay still until the ball goes over the net to switch postions (like outside hitter to middle-blocker) well hope i helped ya

Hahah things not to do in vball!! found this on a site..some r pretty funnee!!?


How many volleyball players are there?

you only rotate when you serve, then they serve and you get it back. then someone else serves

I have to write a paper for gym?

doen't matter


u hav 2 wait 2 til the ball is in the air...othrwise u get a call 4 illicit movement. (aka cheating)

In volleyball, how do you get a better vertical?

you have to wait till they hit the ball, because if you move before...then the ref can call you for being out of rotation.if it only happens like once in a game or you only move like a couple seconds early.they usually don't see you..but don't make it a habit

Is there such a thing as volleyball tutors?

i played for 7 years and was captain of my high school team for 2 years. i know a BIT about vball. i played middle, good times i tell ya. read a lot about it and talk to your coach about what you can do to make your game better. you have to wait for the ref to blow the whistle before you switch out to your position.

Since we have MLB, the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS, do you think there should be a National Volleyball League?

You have to wait for the ref to blow the whistle

Does anyone in England (Suffolk) play beach 2 on 2 volleyball?

yeah you can move around, i suggest staying towards the middle so the server has less open court to hit into.

What should I do?

You have to wait until they hit the ball!

Big egos, small skill?

you must wait till they hit the ball ...

What is a good exersice for getting in shape for volleyball?

Well.. you have to wait for the ref to blow the whistle.. then the opponent or your teammate.. to surve the ball and get it over or into the net.. and if it goes over the net.. one person on the team has to come in contact for u to move..
I have also played for 8 years just letting you know

Cute ideas for volleyball team?

you can move anytime you want, just make sure when your moving , your moving cause you have an idea of where the ball goes. not just cause you feel like it.

How to record college recruiting volleyball video?

at the end of a point, if there is a side out the team with the serve will rotate. then everyone must be in their floor position until the server makes contact with the ball. then you can move anywhere on the court you want, as long as you dont move back to front row because then you cant jump...

Does big 5 sell volleyball gear?

you can move just as long as you stay in your "possition".

for example.
if you are playing middle back, you cannot be infront of a front row player, or on the other side of the people on either side of you.

How many people are on a volleyball team? ASAP!?

When they blow the whistle they are jsut signaling that the server can now serve. The teams can be moving the whole time this is happening

Can anyone tell me the rules and regulations of volleyball?

You can move but if you are switching with somebody then you have to wait until she served. when I played I had to switch in the front row to be the setter and they told me that I could switch when she hit the ball. I would say that you would have to wait till the ball is served.

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