Did anyone else make varsity freshman year and play?

i am a freshman and i start did anyone else do that


Are a beach volleyaball and a regular one the same.?

I have kids that did in various sports. I know a lot of kids that do. How big of a school are you in. Our private school is quite large so it was pretty awesome to have them make varsity in their freshman year. Of course, in a smaller school there would be more of a need.
Congrats! You must be good!

Tips on jumping?

I did in baseball and football.

Do college's only recruit players over 5'8 in Volleyball?

My daughter did...

Does anyone know how to make a volleyball set by setting the poles into old tires using cement?

which sports are you talking about

Terms used in volleyball and what they means?

my cousin did, she played most all of the games.

Is it just me or is there a stereo-type that v-ball is a girls sport?

I didn't, but my two friends did! Congrats!

Pls. give me the history of volleyball?

volleyball yes basketball no

Does anyone have any tips for overhand serves?

yep... i was a setter my freshmen year on Varsity, but then they realized i could set, hit and pass so i started playing right side in front and back row! Congratulations! it's awesome... what position do you play?

Volleyball sports stories?

I did, when I was in high school and that was years ago..(hahaha...)

Arm strength?

yes, our setter did! she played opposite and started for every single game!

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