Can you fist a serve?

i thot you couldnt, but this one girl on my team does it all the time and everyone says she has a killer serve.


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I would strongly advise against it. Fisting is far too unpredictable and it's considered improper technique. You will not find very many successful athletes in the NCAA Division I doing it.

Believe me, it's worth it to learn proper technique. When you use your open hand, you have the ability to control the ball and make it do things that you can't even imagine doing with your fist.

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yes you can it depends on the coach and the reff. if you fist it, it will make the bladder of the ball more easier to pop.

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Yes you can but i wouldn't advise it, with the nuckles there on the ball the ball has more of a chance of shanking. There as a serve with a open hand makes it more accurate and with the right motion of your arm,throw, and hand flip will depend on how hard it is! all i can say is practice,practice,practice!!

Any volleyball players out there?

i HATE it when peopel fist a can do it, but it's not proper technique and i wouldn't suggest it. you can break fingers if you hit the ball at the wrong angle..perfect your serve how you're comfortable with it. but coming from 8 years of vball...i wouldn't recommend it.

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it depends on the refs. but you usually can do it

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You can! I thought it was illegal too but my coach told me since I couldn't get my over-hand over with an open-hand that i could make my hand into a fist, like when I'm under-hand serving. It is a lot easier because I am used to having my hand into a fist and than having to have it open to over-hand threw me off so yea it could help you a lot. Good luck if you going to try it! I hope it works for you!
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you can fist a serve but you would have to hit it almost dead center everytime. its better to learn how to serve with a open hand b/c its more acurate. trust me ive tried. but just do wat works 4 you.

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Don't do it! It is one of the worst things you can do for a serve!

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yes you can, but you will have lesser control with the ball

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No one who is any good at volleyball does that so I suggest you don't either.

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i suggest not doin it..IT COULD GO IN ANY DIRECTION IF YOU HIT IT WITH YOUR KNUCKLES OR FIST! i suggest not doin it..if she plans on trying out for highschool or club or college or whatever she should start servin overhand

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you can, but its not really suggested by both coachs and refs. Also, it looks very amatourish.

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you can...but you really shouldnt, one you get to upper level play, its magorly frowned opun, and i'm pretty sure in college its illegal, and some refs highschool level don't let you. and its good to learn the right way early

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