Can someone tell me what toejam is and do you ever get that? and i don't mean sock lint.?



Toe jam is the term used to describe the accumulation of dead skin cells, perspiration and skin oils that is found between your toes. Because your feet are enclosed in shoes, the material is much more likely to accumulate there than, say, between your fingers. Both places shed cells, produce oil and perspiration but because your hands are in the open and are (I hope) being washed all day long, the material does not collect between our fingers. Hence, no finger jam. A similar material is often seen in navels but for some reason is not referred to as navel jam. Everyone is subject to the formation of toe jam, however, it can be kept to a minimum through good personal hygiene that includes a thorough scrubbing of your feet when you bathe or shower. Equal attention should be given to your navel to prevent the formation of objectionable odors in that area.

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What I think you're talking about is when you go up to hit, and after you land(usually on one foot) the other foot kicks the ground.
This usually is when you have to run a shoot from the middle, or you adjust to a bad set, or a weakside cross.
You are usually off balance during the hit, when you kick the ground.
Hope that clarifies it a little.

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