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Hi, i'am an asst. coach in volleyball here in Manila, and i want to penetrate the USA. Do I have to take the CAP classes to be an accredited coach there? Or do I have to still study before i can apply coaching there. I only have a tourist visa, so i can't apply work there.. please, please help me.. thanks


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I think if you do a course that will give you greater chances of getting a coaching job...good luck!

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You do not have to take CAP classes to be a coach in the U.S. But it certainly wouldn't hurt. I know that most high schools do not require CAP, but some will, depending on where you want to coach in the U.S. As far as college, I am fairly sure that you do not have to be CAP certified for most schools, you just have to have positive experience as a coach or a player. But the higher you go in coaching, you will need to prove your coaching ability and CAP certification will surely help that.

As far as the tourist visa, I really do not know. You should ask at an embassey or call the U.S. State Department to find more information on that. Good luck!

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No, you do not have to take the CAP Class, although it would not hurt. Depending on what state/school you want to coach at has different rules. Some states, like Georgia, you have to be a teacher to coach. I currently coach in Michigan and you do not have to be a teacher. Another possibility is to look into a club or travel team. There are a lot of big names that you can search for like USA Volleyball and so on. Usually the big cities like Chicago, Atlanta etc have large club organizations and they do not have any restrictions to coaching, well other than experience.
My advice is to check a specific state to see what their rules are. You can go to their athletic association page, for example in Michigan it is
Good luck.

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