Any others?

any ideas on how I can improve my game? (for volleyball).


What different skills do you consider needed to be practiced in Volleyball?

Practice your bumps, sets, and spikes. Do some running. There really isn't an intricate training routine for volleyball.

Hamid faghiri?

my sister use to pratice about 40-60 hours a week

How to become fit for a libero?

Practice makes I just answered a similar question, talk about dejavu.

Who and what do you play?

just practice more and you will improve in your game

What is a good name for club volleyball it's name is zia?

Make sure you practice, lift (work your arms for sure), run, and try to scrimmage or join a club (with more experienced players, if possible--try to pick up on their skills). There's so many fun games and drills you can do. Also, make sure that you have a POSITIVE attitude--very important part of the game!

Im an athlete, thin and in shape..but i want to find an energy drink thats healthy to drink before game time..

practice more

Volleyball anyone?

practice...practice...and even more practice

Who is better at volleyball boys or girls?

Practice makes perfect. To help me improve my game at any free time i take a volleyball and set against the garage wall and i also pass it against the wall. Also to help me get to the ball and pass i have my dad peg the ball and have me pass it back to him. For serving you can practice that by serving the ball to some one about the distince of a volleyball court

How do I become a professional volleyball player?

Practice, Practice, Practice, and MOre Practice..and you could also join a traveling team at a nearby YMCA.they usually have good coaches and are good teams that help you improve your game!!

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