Anyone know good volleyball cheers/chants?

Question:My team is Lightning and I was wondeng i any of y'all had some kind of cheer?? Please help. We have " aaa ac you got served when there is an ace but we ave really a ones....


Anyone know of anyone who teaches volleyball in fayette county in georgia?










hope they help!

Do any of u people have troubles in life dont u just hate it?

i kno quite a bit actually!!! ah..ace. a-c-e ace oo ahh ace WHOO!! and, ah...ACE reload! ah.ace! you know! hope thats enough for your team!! good luck 2 your team!!

Volleyball game videos?

there is this one cheer that we do to get pumped up before every game.

we all lay in a circle with our hands in the middle. we slap our hands against the ground and one person is the leader and everyone else responds
it takes a while to figure out the beat but it is really cool when it works [keep in mind that we are still slapping our hands throughout the whole thing]

LEADER: what's our number?
TEAM: number one!
LEADER: what's out number?
TEAM: number one!
LEADER: shout it out
TEAM: woo, woo! [this is the only time when we stop slapping the ground. we know twirl our finger in the air like a #1.]
LEADER: shout it out
TEAM: [same thing as last time]
LEADER: lightning on three, lightning on three
TEAM: one, two, three LIGHTINING!

it always gets us pumped ahah.

Volleyball tips?

my team does a really cool one... try it out !

A - as u yell A. bring ur right foot in front across ur body to the left and slap it wit ur left hand
C - as u yell C ...bring ur foot back across to the right side and hit it wit ur right hand
E - as u yell E .bring ur foot behind ur other leg and hit it behind ur body with ur left hand
ACE - as u yell ACE... punch ur right arm into the air and B proud doin it !

it looks really cool when u do it all together !

Volleyball in Utah?

ahh team...clap clap.
ahh lets kick butt(and kick the person to the rights butt)
sideout on three...1...2...3 SIDEOUT
ace then go to the middle of the court and act like your shooting a basketball and say pshh

Need urgent HELP!??!! I need to jump higher!HOW!?

who rocks the house? i said the lightning rocks the house , and when the lightning rocks the house ,we rock it all the way down...wooo!!

Men's college volleyball west coast?

were number 1, not 2, not 3, not 4
were gonna win not lose not tie the score
were the top not the bottom not the middle floor
so come on lightning score!


bump set spike it thats the way we like it
bump bump set spike it
come on lightning bring it!

New rules on labaros?

boom, boom, shake, shake, boom, shake!!

This question is for any one who is a setter..?

ace it
ace is what we wanna see!
ace it
(say whoever's name is serving)

our team is red hot
our team is red hot
our team is R-E-D red
H-O-T hot
once we start we cannot stop
red hot
yeah, yeah, red hot
whoo whoo!

Hope they help and good luck!

I need help i have vball tryouts tommorow and parts of my legs are swollen from the tryout today. Help!?

Be creative. I am a guy, so I didn't hear a lot in my leagues (save for the all boys school), but I did manage for the girls team in high school and it gets very annoying to hear the same cheer over and over from different teams. Do something creative that will get the other team's attention. It might through them off of their game a little.

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