Can you use a soccer ball for a volleyball?


How can you get an awesome overhand serve that won't go out of bounds easily??

no way, the soccer ball its way too heavy to use it as a volleyball!

unless of course you want to hurt yourself!

Can you tell me as much as you can about William G.Morgan, the inventor of volleyball?

ouch! just thinking about it hurts my arms!

How can I keep my volleyball knee pads from smelling so terrible?

shure u can but itz juzt way for heavy and hard

Volleyball - rules, history, info on this sport?

you can use it, but it will hurt

How do you record volleyball stats in a book?

it will hurt but yes! our school got these hard plastic vballs so it is like playin with soccer balls!

When does the volleyball season start & finish in the States?

Of course you can!! (it hurts, but you can) I have played with a Basketball ball... and I'm still alive!!

How do you play volleyball?

I guess you could if you really wanted too, but a soccer ball is very hard and would more than likely hurt your forearms and hands. Also a soccer ball a heavier than a regulation volleyball, so I guess you could, but they are different!

How many players are there in volleyball team?

in foot volley, yes. Normally, I would not suggest it.

Hanford high cheer?

you can play with any type of ball.

first you have to pass on your wrist, so you wont sprain your wrist

my first year of club for 5 weeks(practices, every day, 4 hours) we played with basketballs, it is goo conditioning to play with heavier balls, and fun and if you do sprain it ice it wrap it and it will be ready to start again in a week or lass

Email suggestions!!?


I am looking for a beach volleyball day camp for teens, Encinitas or Carlsbad area.?

I wouldn't. If you mean like just for fun, like you just want to hit it once, I guess you can. If you do, it is gunna be a different weight and a different size. It's gunna hurt!

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