Anyone know of anyone who teaches volleyball in fayette county in georgia?

i am going to try to start playing some volleyball this year in school. i want to take some lessos to find out the rules and how to hit it and all that kind of stuff. if you do know of any people in the Fayette County, GA area please e-mail me at THANKS!!!


OMG! I might go to the 2008 olympics for volleyball!?

If you are going to start playing this year, I would check with your coach. She should be able to tell you of any good camps that are coming up during the summer. Who knows, she may actually be running one of the camps and then she will get to see you play and be able to teach you. What could be better than the coach you are actually going to be playing for being able to teach you how to play.

If you are looking for something else, I would check out the local colleges or universities that have volleyball. All of them will have websites and most of them will offer some kind of summer camp for high school age or younger.

Good luck!!

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