Attending an intense volleyball camp this summer, what can I do to get in shape beforehand?

I'll be playing volleyball for hours and hours all day long for two weeks, and the camp recomends following some sort of fitness regimen to prepare beforehand. What can I do to get in shape for this camp? Any tips, advice or ideas are extremely appreciated.


How do you bump in vollyball?

Any training will help but I run my girls through some sand court play during the summer to prepare them for the fall. The ones that play in the sand during the summer are always the most fit and best jumpers come fall time.It will get you in shape for the camp.

What should i work on to be a better volleyball player?

To get in shape stretch alot so when u run u can move and not b tired.

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I am going to a camp like that too! You just need to be an all around athlete by doing the basics like running and jumping. Simple things go a long way. Have fun!

A doubt about volleyball?

i would definately do alot of pushups and any kind of exercise that will get you upper body strength and some kind of exercise that will get you leg strenghth because those are the two most important parts of your body when it comes to Volleyball.

GIRLS ONLY! girls if we're in a NO RULES fight with a guy wats the best way to distract him then HURT him BAD

Try skipping.It's a great conditioner & works on your up to a goal, say 500 skips per session,then do skips on each leg, say 200 per leg.After a while you may try double skipping..two turns of the rope in one jump.If your serious, your jump should increase 4 to 6 inches. Good luck!

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