Anyone know any volleyball cheers that can be used during warm-ups?

preferably ones that use your teammates' names in them


Are there large concrete beach resurfacers, i.e a beach Zamboni?

This is one of the cheers my team uses a lot. It doesn't have teammates names in it but it gets everyone involved.

Group- p-u-m-p pump it up
Leader- Pump that NC( your schools initials) spirit up
G- pump that nc spirit up
L- Keep Keep Keep it up
G- Keep Keep Keep it up
L-K-Double E- P keep it up
G-K-Double E- P keep it up
L-Keep that NC (your schools initials) spirit up.
G-Keep that NC (your schools initials) spirit up.
L-Pass Pass Pass it up
G-Pass Pass Pass it up
L- P-a-s-s pass it up
G- P-a-s-s pass it up
L- Pass that Nc(your schools initials) spirit up
G-Pass that Nc(your schools initials) spirit up
Everyone-Gooooooo Colts! (mascot)

Hope that helped

Im trying to get better at volleyball and try outs i think are tomorrow after school!!! help!!?

Person-Hi my name is Amy and I know what I've got,
Team-what do you got?
Person-I've got a team thats hotter than hot
Team-how hot are they
Person-Batman versus Superman
Team-Alright Alright
Person-No one can hit the ball like Robyn can

Them Robyn starts in when her name is said and then would call on somebody else at the end of her turn.

-Person-everywhere we go
Team-Everywhere we go
Person-people want to know
team-people want to know
Person-who we are
team-who we are
Person-so we tell them
Team-So we tell them
Person-we are "THE MARSHALS"
Team- we are "THE MARSHALS"
Whole-Who Ha how you feel, who ha I feel good, who ha how you feel who ha feel good. :)

Hope those helped a little.

What does the initials "BHE" mean?

R u talkng about like, a game to pump the team up before a match? try 'Little salley walker'

Stand in a circle, with one person (Little salley walker) in the middle. Everyone claps their hands in a beat and sing
"Little Salley Walker, Walkin' down the street!"

Person in middle walks around the cirlce.

"She didn't know what to do so she stopped in front of me."

Person stops in front of a person.

"She said, hey girl, do your thang, do your thang, do your thang!"

While people say that, the person does some sort of funny dance in front of the person she stopped in front of.

Then everyone repeats the " hey girl, do your thang, do your thang, do your thang!" while doing the same dance and then shout "STOP!"

Finally, the new 'Salley Walker', or the person who the last Salley Walker stopped in front of, walks around the cirlce and does the same thing except with a different dance. Continues until the entire team had been Salley Walker.

I still can't serve overhand in volleyball so it goes over the net. Any tips to help me out?

you: 33 is her number...
team: 33 is her number
you: abby is her name...
team: abby is her name
you: she is one reason...
team: shes one reason
you: were gonna win the game...
team: were gonna win the game
na na na na
na na na na
na na na na
na na na na

and go thru all the teamates names and numbers! have fun!

Is rotation while receiving a serve a necessary rule?

Here is an example one I will use Sue And Jill for the players and Tigers for the team for an ex

Sue Sue are you ready?
Sue Sue are you set?

Jill Jill are you ready?
Jill Jill are you set?
you bet!!

Coach Coach are you ready?
Coach Coach are you set?
You bet

Tigers Tigers are you ready?
(all yell) READY!
TIGERS TIGERS are you set?

You basically ask all the girls on the team, then coach then the team, or inbetween the coach and the team you can ask the family and friends like stands stands ru ready. It is really fun and makes you really happy and energetic.

What is the best volleybal internet shop ?

(say slower)
I said don't mess
with the best
don't fool
with the cool.
(say fast)
I said don't mess with the best 'cuz the best don't mess
Don't fool with cool 'cuz the cool don't fool
Don't mess
with the best

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