Any of u out thier have any tips or a webset on volleybal?

iam in a volleyball team that sucks any of u know any thing about it that can help? we need help on the playes!!! like hitting positons other than the normal hitting positions


K, i was trying 2 get on my skoolz varsity volleyball team, but i got on JV, what should i do?

this should help have a great day

Please help! :)?

go for DAILY workouts and your lifter should be the person with the largest and most powerful hands in your team. Try to predict where the ball will land and pick the ball up when its come down and bend down..when ur arm is jus 3 inchesaway frm the bal, hit it..and remember NEVER BEND YOUR ARMS..always keep them absolutely straight for the best shot. If u r unable to reach the ball in that position,try to change your location by movin ahead back right or left. lat of all, TEAM SPIRIT!!!

What is the proper way to set a volleyball?

if you need anything else just go to and then type in volleyball and that should bring up some stuff.

Why volleyball is not famous in our INDIA at NATIONAL LEVEL?

Go to a local volleyball camp and watch as much volleyball as possible. Try to emulate the players you watch. There are also many books on learning basic and advanced skills. Good luck.

How can i get better timing for a spike in volleyball?

keep your butt low, and hands in front to be able to shuffle so u can hit the ball. Practice Practice Practice bump set spike and serving.

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