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Question:I'm a volleyball player and i'm a freshman in HS. I'm on the JV team, and I want to make the varsity team. Does anyone have any tips to improve my bumps and sets? I CAN NOT serve over hand and I NEED HELP!!! Does anyone know any tips to remember to improve my serve? Also, when we do spiking drills we jump up and hit it down, but when we're in an actual game, no one jumps, and they just hit it straight out. which method is correct?
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These two above answers were great, but I want to add some things, too.

1. Bumping: It is going to be the same motion. (If you are right-handed) stand with your right foot slightly ahead of your left. Get slightly on your toes so you aren't flat-footed. Now lean slightly, so your shoulders are forward. Just this stance takes practice to do naturally, so don't worry if you aren't an instant pro at the stance. When you have a ball coming, move to the ball (which is why you are on your toes), put your arms out in front of you, grasp your hands, and contact the ball on the forearms. Also, do not swing your arms. It is a transfer of motion from the legs that will get the ball where you want it to go. Finally, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. In my five short years of playing, I have passed thousands of balls, and I'm still no expert. It takes plenty of time; do not get frustrated.

2. Setting: Similar to bumping, a lot of this is about positioning. Funny thing is that I've been a setter all of my career and I can't explain how to set. I can show, but I really can't explain. Move to the ball, stay behind it (not under it), almost catch the ball on your fingertips, and allow them to act like a trampoline for the ball, shooting it off into whatever direction your hands and body are facing. Once again, PRACTICE. Lay on your basement (or other) floor and set to yourself. Make each set go between two and three feet.

3. Serving: This also hard to explain, but this is more because everyone is different. The first step in serving is the toss. A consistant toss leads to a consistant serve. After that, you have to swing at the ball and hit it at its highest point. Aim your hand to direct the ball up and over the net, with enough power to get there. Again, PRACTICE. Once you feel confident with one type of serve, it is time to try something different. I assume that your underhand serve is doing well, so start trying something new.

4. Hitting: A lot of times JV players don't get to hit in the game because the passes and sets don't allow them. You should be playing like you practice, but it doesn't always work out that way.

5. Communication. If you are hitting, and your sets aren't there, don't be afraid to tell your setter. Don't be rude; you'll never get set again. Tell the setter that the set wasn't good for a hit, and tell her where it needs to go. Communication builds chemistry, and that's what coaches want in a leader: communication. Talking to your team will make you stand out on the floor.

6. Improving: None of what I said is any good if you don't listen to your coach to get better. He or she is the only one who can actually see how you play and correct the problems in your form. Be willing to change how you play for your coach; they know what they are doing much better than you do.

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Learn learn learn to server overhead. I am a coach and thats the first thing I demand of my girls. You will want to make sure to use all your abs and arm in your serve. I would go to your coach and ask for tips. Main thing is have a quick swing and keeping your hand steady.

On passing its all about footwork. You need to learn how to get your feet in the correct place to pass the ball. One major thing to help out is never swing at the ball. and where every your squared up (shoulders pointing and toes pointing) 90% of the time the ball will go there.

Last but not least. you want to jump to hit. Right now they are free balling over which is okay. When you get to the varsity level thats when people get rocked who free ball over (hit on the ground) Start jumping and sooner or later you will have an edge

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I was in your boat for awhile and playing co-ed volleyball I have played with some pros and here is what I have learned.
1.When you serve. step forward into your hit and put enough muscle into it that it goes hard barely over the net. If you practice this, it will be very difficult for others to hit. You may hit it out of bounds if you use too much power but keep practicing it till you can have a couple inches to spare over the net, but hit it HARD. If you do this correctly, you will have a serve that goes straight then straight down at the player.
2. When bumping, remember to use your quad muscles to get into the approach. Never use just your forearms.
3. When spiking, remember to use a timing that you can use consistenly. To do this, you must practice the same routine of spiking over and over again till your body develops chemistry with the spike. This may take weeks or even months.
I hope this helped you out.
Good luck

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ok well on the spiking question: u r supposed 2 take the right steps on the floor & then jump up and hit it down ... what helps me on my overhand serve. u kno the things that u put a soccer ball in and when u kick it it is on an elastic string & it comes back 2 u? well put a volleyball in that & practice serving overhand build up ur arm strength.. also your coach might be able to help you.. are you specifically a setter.. well do not use the palms of your hands use the finger tips softly.. & hit it high in the air & make sure it is far enough so the spiker can hit it.. bumps.. make sure that u are holding your hands right and that you are hitting the ball on ur arm just a little above the wrist & don't swing your arms keep your body down low and your knees bent until u come in contact with the ball.. hope this helps! sorry if it didn't! also on my team we have this thing where we spike from the back row its called back row attack.. u hit it straight out but on the front rowu jump up and get as much on top of the ball with ur hand as u can

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for the bumps, keep your eye on the ball and bend your knees or if your on the short side, make a little hop and pass over the net or to a teammate. Sets should use fingertips only and need the knees as well. When you serve, use the palm of your hand, and think that the ball is your enemy. I toss the ball towards my body and it usually goes right over the net, which is good. And for the spikes, people should jump, if they are in the front row, if they are in the back, they should not jump. If the team thinks of the ball to go in a spot that isn't covered by the other team, it should go a-okay.

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When in a game in spiking u kind of forget the 3 steps but i guess as long as u get it over the net and get a point it is good
and for the overhand serve
u want 2 keed a open hand and make the ball hit the palm of your hand at least 10 inches above your head
for sets go stand next 2 a wall and just set it a nd bumb it against the wall or 2 yourself
if u want a chance 2b on the varsity team practice practice and practice and when u are done practicing practice somemore also if u want help on your overhand serve ask a coach 2 help u
when 1rst practicing and learning how 2 overhand serve start close 2 the net and step back every time u get it over till u are behind the line
Good LUck

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Heres what you do to improve your over hand serve which should be your number 1 priority is to contact the ball high and make sure your toss is high enough that is key! as soon as you get that you will have absolutely no problem getting it over it has nothing to do with strength all about the toss. and your bumps are all about practice the more you practice obviosly the better you will be but some thing to keep in mind is your legs are the most important part

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if you need practice on your serves try to get some of your friends and have a little practice like put your hands together and try to guide the ball with your hands

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