Am i supppose to have this.?

am i suppose to have bruises on my arm from playing vb. i get them when i bump the ball and now i have big bruises on my arm is it because i swing when the ball is aproaching me or what i need help fast cause i get this everytime i practice.


Am i supppose to have this.?

It is very common to develop bruises from practicing/performing bumps in volleyball. Hopefully eventually your arms will get used to it, otherwise you may need to cut down on your practice routine a bit. However, it is not a major issue, aside from apperance, so if it doesn't bother you there is nothing medically to worry about.

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it's common, especially at the beginning of the season. They will go away as you play more and you will get used to them. If it's your ball, try letting some air out. Ice in between practices.

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Your skin is just not used to hitting a volley ball yet because it needs to get used to hitting the but by after a while you problie wont get bruises

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well, when i first started playing volleyball i did.
ive been playing for four years andi haven`t gotten a bruise on my arm since.
its probably the quality of the ball or something like that.
don`t swing your arms just get to the ball fast and barely swing.

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If you put the flat of your arms out and let the ball bounce off of you rather than hitting or swinging at the ball the bruises will go away. Make sure that the ball is hitting your arms when they are flat (inner arm flesh) and not on the bone.

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it's normal to have bruises but don't worry, after a while it's go away

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get low so the ball just pops right up from ur ars instead of u swinging... it will help if u practice that with serves... use a fast server and if u get low and just move to the ball.. it will pop right up to ur setter

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i play volleyball 2. No , u r not suppose to have bruises for every time u bump. in personal experience,,i only get them when i break a hard serve and that is it or when i do a bad bad bad bump..just control ur bump and dont try to kill the ball

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If you are just starting it´s very common because your arms must build up. Although, it´s possible that you are swining too much as well. You can check the balls and make sure they are not overinflated, although sometimes it´s just happens. The libero in my team was in a crazy digging drill and is bruised right up, even at the professinal level. It does pass, but it is very painful! If you have to you can tape them, just make sure you tape BOTH so that your platform isn´t uneven. Good luck!

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it is common to develop bruises, especially if you havent played in a while. They should be going away soon!! but really dont worry about them!!

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