Any tips for a back row player??

Our volleyball season just started. I want to get better at my position(which is usually back middle) so I get to play more than I did last year, which wasn't a lot. I'm not a great overhand server either. Any tips would be appreciated.


Got volleyball cheers?

You have to be ready for anything possible. know the players you are playing with so you know how much they can cover. be ready on your toes and maybe shuffle your feet to be ready to move. most important thing when the opponent is about to hit/tip/free ball it over on the third hit is reading the players arm movement and hand. if you are supposed to cover tips but they are about to full swing dont bother with tips but stay back to cover the line shots.
if you are working on overhand serving you need to hit the ball on the surface of your hand with the most area. take a ball and go up to the wall and throw the ball close to the wall and hit it and keep your hand there and if your hand is off the side change how you hit it or how high you hit the ball. it is important that you hit the ball high in order to get it over the net. make sure you throw the ball out in front of you so you arent arching back to hit it. hope that helps :)

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Are you a libero? Court vision and range are the most important skills for a back row/defender to have. A lot of that comes with knowing your opponents. You need to know what shots are coming where. Just working on flexibility and court awareness will take you a long way, but if you know the tendencies of your opponents that will do a lot more.

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Stay low
Be ready
cover for your teammate
keep your feet moving

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-be on ur toes
-get low enough to get under the ball to dig it up
-stay behind the ball- take the ball straight on and angle ur arms to get it to the setter
-if it's a hard hit, try "cusioning" the ball- let ur arms give a little while the ball hits them so the ball doesn't fly up really high and get out of control again
- you should be getting the first hit every time, so your job is to get it under control

to serve,
-hit the ball while it's high
-keep ur arm straight
-ur arm's path should be a straight line (not jolty or moving from side-to-side)

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never take your eyes out of the ball, move faster by bending your knees a litte bit lower, never cross your legs when chasing the ball, just relax your hands and shoulders to control the ball, have fun and enjoy

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Stay on your toes and ALWAYS stay down low. Your serve is something you are just going to have to keep practicing on. You will get it down soon. Mabe your arms are not strong enough. Work out a little.

Ii can still not get my overhand serve over the net , and almost everyone in my grade can , what should i do?

1. stay low
2. always call the ball (in, out, mine)
3. never get distracted
4. move your feet
5. angle your arms toward the setter
6. stay on your toes
7. if you make a bad pass, shake it off and stay mentally strong
8. relax

since your serving isn't that good, you should think about going into the weight room. don't lift more than you can handle. also ask your coaches if they could give you extra help after practices.

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i'm a back middle too. the most important thing to do is call the ball. if you want it, yell MINE loud! Also be sure to call balls in or out. from back middle you have the best view. Also practice your passes. You need controlled passes to the setter. The balls hit at you will be hard, so be ready. They don't need much of an upwards push, just guide the balls' direction

Hope this helps!

Pretty tips?

I absolutely LOVED the back row when I was playing.

Stay on your toes and anticipate EVERYTHING. Playing in the back row is a mental thing. When someone's serving, I used to think to myself, "Come on...serve it over here," or something like that, just so you're ready to pass. Same goes with the hit. Have the mentality that the ball IS coming to you, so no matter what you're ready for it.

Once you have that mentality, you'll feel this fire from being confident. Then you can pass anything.

Don't plant your feet on the ground. Stay low and on your toes.

My coach said that taking a little hop right before the hit helps get you ready to move.

Good luck in your upcoming season!

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yes squatting down low and remembering if the ball comes at you at shoulder level 9 of 10 times it will go out of bounds so dont play it. Be able by practice to be able to move from the knees up.

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