Any ideas for cheer shirt sayings for a minis squad?


I'm interested to play for a volleyball club outside of school in melbourne?

Future mom of countless baby's that will never know their father GOO TEAM!

Details in short about volleyball game?

well i got a cheer but you won;t like it well here we go

down the road Theresa an old sematry
where your team is going to get bared
victory victory that's our cry
read girls hit it
split The v dot i curl that cTory curl that ctory v i c tory victory victory here our cry

Bergenbelsen hatikva?


Has anyone ever heard of the one man volleyball team?

i dont know if you'll like but oh well:

Down by the (sport) cemetary!
Thats were your team is gonna be buried
6ft wide and 7ft under thats why
our team sounds like thunder!


Got Balls? (Volleyballs, of course)

What is best dvd or vedio or book that explain Offensive in Volleyball?

it is cheerarific!

How do i improve my skills in volleyball?

I got one

Give it your all on the sprawl,
Drop a pancake and keep it clean
Find a target,
put em on the hook then dish it up
flare and catch some air
check the set
bring some heat
and watch them bail!

How can I get started in beach volleyball?

You hit it we get it!

What is the best sport?

for cheerleading-

We are the (team name) we'll show you how it's done.
We are the (team name) were number 1!

Can anyone think of a funny/witty volleyball team name?

*Insert Team Name* Can you Dig it?

Volleyball shorts are the best! Agreed?

Cheerleding, id ont know if you'll like this pne (this is one of our cheers)
Thunder and Lightning,
We'll put you to the test,
Crash, Bash, Whiplash,
Our Team is the best!

I LOVE Volleyball .TIPS??

sorry princess this ain't no game for a drama queen. ( if your looking for a t-shirt idea for volleyball

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