Can anyone give me advice on how to spike harder and how to snap my wrist so i can hit it harder?

other tips on spiking also help thanks


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hit through the ball. this means dont stop your swing when you contact, swing through and dont slow up when you contact. swing quick, swing both arms up, swing through to the other side of ybody, when you snap your wrist, make it so that your pointing finger is pointing diagonally down and your thumb is halfway up and your other fingers are curled. your wrist should be at a little more than ninety degree angle after the snap.

you DO want to do a snap if you make an upside down L with your forefinger and thumb and hit through, if you DONT SNAP and do a SOLID CONTACT, it is more of a serve and it wont drive down, it will float, which gives the other team an advantage.

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try focusing on technique instead of wildly smacking the ball. then you'll build up strength pretty quickly. also if you can't smack the ball really hard practice your aiming and putting it at specific spots.


try to do wrist bending so that your wrist can snap and can hit the ball well... also try to hit the ball not on the side but on the top so that the ball will hit the attack line and never go out...hope this help you...

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to have a good spike you must also have a good jump, jump up to your highest so that you can also feel the maximum strength in your arms, have a good timing, you must bend your wrist and also your elbow to have harder hit

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Well it depends..i am in a volleyball league at a ymca. YOU NEVER EVER want to snap your wrist. This will throw you off and won't be a good spike. If you are right-handed (practice this a few times) (reverse this if you are left-handed..start out left) have your right foot in front of you. Step with your left following your right..bringing your left in and jumping and using a straight arm with a locked wrist..if your wrist is not locked you will not have a good spike or serve. I hope this helped. Practice this a few times. Maybe at a nearby gym. Tennis court even.bye!!

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From personal experience, snapping your wrist is what gives you the ability to hit/spike the ball harder. Your wrist should snap toward the ball when your hand is about 2 inches from the ball itself. I suggest practicing snapping your wrist by hitting the ball up against a wall, or simply hitting the ball off the floor. You can also practice without a ball by snapping your wrist in the air.

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The best way to hit it harder is to
1. keep eye contact with the ball (never break contact)
2. make your approach
3. jump up with your arms up (kind of like superman gettin ready to fly off)
4. Hit the ball near the top half
5. Snap your wrist down and bring your arm down (follow through) at the same time.

This doesn't have to be fast. But the faster you go the harder your spike.

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one thing to help on the improvement is to hit the ball aginst the wall and let it bounce back to you this way you have the ball in control..once you can control the ball the snapping is the easy part.

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