Best volleyball knee pads for girls?


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Well there are different kinds of kneepads to consider. There are the traditional padded kneepad that you usually see and then there is a slider kneepad. The slider kneepad doesn't have nearly as much padding because they are designed to just take the edge off of hitting the floor and allow for free movement. They also provide an excellent barrier between you and the floor for less friction. Also remember there are different padding designs of traditional kneepads so if you are looking for a pair of those go to your local sports store and have someone who works there open the package (they are usually resealable) so you can just try them and make sure they're comfortable.

The best slider kneepad that I've found is Mizuno's MzO Slider Kneepad. For the traditional kneepad pretty much any athletic apparel company will make some sort of kneepad but the better ones are Mizuno's VS-1 and MZ-T10. The VS-1 is designed to move with you as much as a traditional kneepad will allow and has their "dry" technology which moves sweat away from the skin.

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You can just get some for a few dollars at walmart, they are more cushy.
the nike ones are kind of thin..

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the best knee pads for volleyball are basically any. probably ones by mizuno though. because they sell a lot of volleyball stuff. hope this helps you.

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nike dry fit

as for the walmart ones, they might be cushier but they are bad for your game and get in the way and low quality.

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At Big 5 they have white/black kneepads that are Asics brand. They are thin but have enough support and cushioning without being to bulky

At Volleyball tournaments, they are selling a new brand which you can buy over the internet they are called Petillia or Patella or something like that which are very comfy while being supportive and minimal bulkiness

Also at there are kneepads that they sell that are very popular and notorious for being superb for girls volleyball

Have fun!

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it doesn't really matter, i have franklins, and they're good. i don't really care what brand they are, as long as they look decent, but if you wash them, omg they will smell REALLLY bad

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Franklin is the best i'm on a team almost as good as the Nebraska volleyball team and they all use Franklin... they're easy to put in the washer and they clean real easy too! Good Luck! :)

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on the skool team we have NIKE, but unless im in a game or @ practice, i dont wear them

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Tachikara kneepads, flat and thick, great for the courts.

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Definitely knee pads called Patella Digs! They Are for mated to keep your knee caps in place for less discomfort! they are kinda pricey but worth it for sure!

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I reccomend either the ASICS kneepads or the Franklin kneepads because they are turtle shell shaped, and it gives you lots of cushion. The Mizuno ones also work good but they are thinner.

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I only use Asics knee pads but Mizuno is a great brand.

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