Are you supposed to wear underwear under spandex?

Like for volleyball. Do you wear a thong or nothing?


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it really depends. i always wear either a thong or nothing. (a lot of spandex..if not all have lining in them) boy shorts sometimes work...but you can see underwear lines on some. don't don't don't wear regular underwear. underwear lines are the worsssst. mae sure if you wear a thong that there are no lines in the front/back and it fits well :]

What is the best way to ready myself for volleyball? but still have time for school and homework?

Men prefer we don't!


On the high school volleyball team every girl wore a thong. A low cut thong so that it didn't stick out on top.

Volleyball Camp?

no because it gets itchy in certain places and if you don't you you might see your thingy also


It depends on what you want to do, if the're your spandex, you could go without, but if the're the school's pair, it would probably be a good idea to at least wear a thong, but make sure its a low cut, or else it could hang out the top, and make sure the strap isn't huge, or else it will be visible

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Two words: Camel toe!

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actually its all your own decision whatevers comfortable.. u can't mostly c a thong.. & it mite b uncomfotable 2 wear nothing at all.. umm get underwear that is tighter fitting.. & make sure that the seam on the edges is really thin so it doesn't show that much

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I'm a biggg fan of going commando.
My friend forgot her thong last year before a game and I told her I'd ditch mine to make her feel more comfortable, and it's been bye bye panties since then.
It's a little ...different at first. But you get used to it.

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i go with a thong

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Honey, please it all depends on you! Advice coming from a varsity player (Brush off the shoulders) haha it depends if you like the breeze. I know i do!

Volleyball help?

i have tried both and i most definitely prefer nothing but its up to you in the end but everyone on my team prefers without and the short 2 inch mizuno kinds especially wouldnt recommend it

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i wear a thong under them. i like having the extra protection

What is a really good volleyball camp?

well i wear thongs all the time but yea, i wear a thong under my spandex! there is a girl on my team that is really good but she always wears reagular undies and it looks bad! but if thongs are uncomfortable than wear undies. who careas what other people think!! play in what is comfy!!

Teenage Life?

usually wearing underwear is more confort then a thong or nothing at all.

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