In volleyball terms what does an illegal hit mean?


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An illegal hit ranges from a double contact, to a lift to a back row attack violation.

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u pushed the ball away instead if vollying bumpin spiking etc. u get the point...the isng is prob the ref holding his hands above his head flat palms out

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You may have palmed the ball when trying to bump it with your forearms. Dunno, but this might be the answer.

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Read under "ball handling"

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palming or pushing the ball, some leagues do not allow a closed fist hit, or breaking the plain of the net in some leagues

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Its when you basically catch the ball ( its called a carry) and then throw it back up or slam it down over the net. I also got called for an illegal hit by going up overtop the net and having my whole hand across the net.

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It means that the player contacted the ball in an illegal manner.

Usually it is a carry, which is basically the player contacting the ball too long or dramatically changing the direction of the ball while they are contacting it in a lengthy manner. It can also be when the ball rolls off the fingers (in some cases), when the ball is lifted (hit from underneath and pushed up instead of hit up), or the ball is pushed (though the rules on the push are much looser now than in the past).

Check out the volleyball rules sites - they can describe what you would like to know.

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it means u palm the ball, double hit, u caugth the ball moved the ball in the wrong direction it was going or a bad pass

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It means you double hit, Carry the ball, attack the serve, etc it means you didn't hit the ball right some how.

Puhhhlease help me!?

That you lifted it or a back row player hit the ball while it was at a highter height than the net

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An illegal hit is when a back row player attacks in front of the ten-foot line with their hand over the net, or when you sorta grab the volleyball and throw it, but it is legal to bounce it off any part of your body as long as you do not carry it.. (head, foot)

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