Are a beach volleyaball and a regular one the same.?

Question:I have a beach volleyball,and it feels harder to me, and seems to hurt more.

Are they different, or could it just be because its a new ball and i havent "broken it in" ?


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Beach volleyballs are generally a little heavier than indoor v-balls and less air is put in them. The heaviness is so they don't get affected by the wind and the less air is to slow down the ball a little since you usually only have two players per side.

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not nessacerily i think the one at the beach if your just wanting to have fun the blow up kind!!and if your playing for real then the real one!!

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Most outdoor balls (beach) are made of synthetic materials so they don't absorb moisture, which they will be more exposed to in the outdoors. The more money you spend, the better quality of materials you will have on the ball.

Wilson has some excellent outdoor volleyballs. They are softer, but weighted well for the outdoor elements (wind, etc). Their AVP series is wonderful. I have the AVP Silver, and it works great. Everyone loves to use it when I play in a game or tournament. It was around $45, but well worth it. I also had a Wilson Sand King leather outdoor ball that I loved. That one was $75, but it found it's way out in the rain, and became water logged.

New balls do take time to break in, but if you get a good ball, the break in time should be minimal.

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Is it labeled MIKASA? [As su kasa.]
There balls are not too hard after being used. If the ball is labeled regulation or official then that ball you should use professionally.

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yes the beach volleyball is harder for the outdoor use and for the beach sand. the indoor is the softer leather

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Well it really comes down to how much you paid for it.
Outdoor balls are made of a synthetic leather so that water, sand, dirt, etc. don't effect the quality fo the ball. Outdoor balls are also a little bit heavier so that the wind doesn't play as much of a factor. As well as you don't "break in" synthetic leather.
Quality indoor balls are made of leather just because they give the best touch and feel. You can still find synthetic leather balls designated for indoor use.
But in terms of "hardness" it just comes down to what you paid for. The cheaper the ball the cheaper the leather.

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I don't think they are. Because I have one for beach and one regular and they are quite different.

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no, the beach vb is harder and for outside conditions, like rain and the inside vb is softer and not for rain

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they are practically the same...but when you play with certain brands, they seem harder or softer than indoor volleyballs

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