Anyone know any good volleyball cheers??

our teams is the raptors and we need some good volleyball cheers, any kind of cheer would be helpful. especially block cheers. thanks!


Tell me what you think, please!?

Mustangs is our name,
Volleyball is our game,
Teal is our color,
Black is the other,
UH, You think you're bad,
UH, We know we're bad,
UH, You think you're bad,
UH,trial please.


We are the (school mascot) and you know what we got.
What do you got?
WE got a team thats hotter than hot!
How hot is hot?
Bumps, sets and spiking too,
Wooo Woo Woo Woo
So hit the ball like the rest of us do!


Bump, Set, Hit, Spike
That's the way we like to fight!

Who loves volleyball out there?

Raptorz, raptorz oooooSNAP.
Give that ball a gooood SLAP!

Heads up Raptorz. Here comes a rock.
Get ready for another ball to block.

I shoudl have been a cheerleader.
Good luck.

I am looking for Single (Non-Married) Players on The AVP Women's Beach Volleyball Tour?

We will, we will ROCK YOU DOWN, SHAKE YOU UP!! MIGHTY VOLCANOS WILL ERUPT. PUT ON YOUR SEATBELT, STEP ON THE GAS,.. were ganna kick you in your...EVERYBODY!! (repeat)

Does anyone play club volleyball?

we will, we will, rock u up, shake u down. like a valcono ready to erupt. ** repeat.

Does volleyball really make your butt bigger?

Your Team Likes to masturbate!!


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