Can anyone give me a volleyball cheer i need one for mii team mii team is Poplar River Eagles?

mii coulors are Purple n White so yer i need a cheer b4 febuary tha 12th thats when mii games start.


Hi nhkjzdhvkjh?

I can't spell
I can't spell
and now that you've told me that, you should go to hell

please don't yell
because i said you can't spell

it's ME
not MII
and THE
not THA

but i don't care
I'm not a bear

the first three lines would be you talking to me
the rest of it would be my cheer response

What are some good spiking drills(for volleyball) that I can practice independtly w/o another adult or net?

Purple and White
Let's Go, Fight, Fight!

Let's Soar, Eagles score.

Overhand Serve?

Your Team Likes to masturbate!!


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