I just started my club season, and my coach works me to death. The first 1/2 hour is all 'ball control' it completly wipes me out, and kills my feet. What conditioning should I be doing at home that can help with this? (We do loops, front to backs, back to fronts, lanes, and bunch of other random stuff)


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By "wipes me out" I take it that means you're tired stamina-wise? [As opposed to muscle sore-ness.] So to build up your wind or stamina you might consider running in the mornings. Just a simple jog or run could do just as well if you are a beginner. Eventually you'll build up your wind. If it helps, ask a friend to join you so you'll have someone to rely on and someone who motivates you. You're more likely to feel guilty about not running if someone was depending on you to run with them, right?

About your feet being sore, you might consider your court shoe. You want to have good arch support and something that also comforts your ankles. Because you are shuffling/moving from side to side, simple running shoes are hard on your ankles because when running you are only moving your feet forward. If your ankles don't really hurt at all it might have to do with arch support. You might look for Dr. Schols inserts or something along those lines to soothe the pain in your foot.

Mostly; keep that chin up! Be positive and try to be optimistic. Things go faster and easier if you choose not to sulk.

I really hope you find your answer, and sorry if this particular answer didn't help. Good luck this season!

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umm. wall sits

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maybe you need to slow down and talk to your coach.

What would you do?

try doing lanes at home with out a ball, it really works your legs. also do wall sits with weights. uhm lift weights, that will help you out a lot. have fun!

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just run. it gets your stamina up, and helps with any sport.

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i play travel club as well, and what got me in shape one year, is i joined the winter track team, which helped with some of the conditioning, and helped with weightlifting and track focuses alot on the legs as well so it goes hand in hand with volleyball.. and at my school everyone does winter track to stay in shape not necessarily for the meets..and my volleyball coaches would have us do excercises at home like 10 minute long wall sits to work the legs which you gradually work your way up doing a minute a day then adding a minute every week.. and then we did leg lifts to help the abs because you need abs for setting and hitting... and side to side leg lifts... and theres another thing for abs... but i dont know what they're called but basically you get in the push-up position but you lean on your 2fists that are next to eachother right under your neck and your abs should hold you up .. well i hope i helped somewhat

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try doing block jumps to improve leg muscle, and make sure to eat a lot of protein. Lifting weights would always help too

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Umm im doing conditioning too...what club do you play for? Do leg lifts and alot of running. Thats what helped me get past conditioning...for the first hour we do conditioning. Also strethch your feet muscles.. good luck

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