Voleyball help?

i have yet to get the over hand serving right..i had problems with my right shoulder when i was smaller so that is probably why i cant hit it over hand...do you have any tips of how i can get the ball over the net with over hand serving. i am awesome at under hand serving. but im afraid when i get to high school i might not make it becuase i cant oevr hand serve. PLEASE HELP!!!


Opinion please.I was cut from volleyball tryouts due to my height. What do you think?

1st thing- You must be able to throw the ball over the net from the endline. If you are not strong enough to throw it over, you need to practice throwing to get stronger. Make sure when you are throwing you step with your opposite foot.

2nd thing- You have to have a REALLY firm wrist and big hand. Practice hitting the ball in your opposite hand as hard as you can, only using your palm. You don't want your fingers to touch the ball, b/c they are not strong enough to push the ball over the net. ONLY use your palm.

3rd thing- Practice your tosses. Your toss should go straight up from your hand, just a few inches in front of your head. When you toss, the ball should land just in front of your foot.

Volleyball question?(height)?

Try hitting the ball against a wall or to the ground,or when you serve over hand use your fist/ball up your hand

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You are right... I am 13 and I play club volleyball. You cant even make club volleyball at age 12 without your overhand. Some tips are to keep your wrist firm when you follow through. If the ball keeps going into the net then hit the ball at a higher point. I f you cant get the ball over then you need to put much more force in the ball. If the ball is going all over the place remember that wherever youfolow through that is where the ball is going to go..
Hope this helps!!

HELP plase?

its not how hard u hit the ball. i taught my daugther how to over hand sever b4 she got into high school.its all timing. if u can hit the ball at the rigth time just over Ur head that is the spot u can hit it over hand. u can start by hitting the ball at the spike line and work Ur way back to the serving line.. start at the spike line go back ever 4 or 5 steps until u can hit it over the net from the serving line. keep praticing good luck and have fun

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First of all, start with the foot foreward that is opposite your serving hand. Make sure your serving hand is nice and firm when you hit the ball. Also, concentrate on a specific point on the ball that you are going to hit. Make sure that your arm is straight, and that the ball is out in front of you when you hit it. Swing all the way through, and step through when you hit the ball.

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