Any vball practice tips....?


Why are there these strange team names?

There are a few things you can do on your own. #1 you can serve against a wall to get basics of it before you try it out on the court. you should always watch your hand hit the ball. it makes a me. #2 you can practice your hitting approach. i believe the line is 10ft away from the net, so mark off 10ft from a wall. start at the line, break out, and make the approach. you should plant your feet far enough from the wall so that you can do a full swing (arm completely extended) w/out hitting the wall so that when you put in on the court youre not swinging into the net. work on your approach foot work. if you are a lefty the approach should be left, rightleft. if youre a righty is the opposite, right, leftright. take a big first step, bend your knees, throw both of your arms back so you can get some power when jumping, reach for the ball (well the pretend ball for now), and SNAP your wrist down, and follow through. you have to snap your wrist to get that powerful downward spin. #3 practice passing on the wall. now get in the right stance. dont be lazy b/c itll only hurt you. just remember this: knees over toes, shoulders over knees, head over shoulders. thats how you should look. now round your shoulders and get low. one foot should be slightly infront of the other a little more than shoulder width apart. drop your booty. get that thing low. when passing the ball the ball should split your body down the middle. move your feet and center yourself with the ball. face your whole body towards your target.

those 3 things hopefully didnt confuse you and will help you. best of luck!

Why are certain players known as redshirted players?

Fondamental technycal skills: service, toss, bagher and attack. And block in very important for central players. You have to be precise every time you touch the ball, and you can do this only with a lot of training. Above all: you CANNOT improve yourself training in your own, you need a team! I could say you a lot of exercise to do, but every coach could teach you them.
A very practise tip: pay always attention to every ball that can end under your feet while you are jumping, or on your face while you are distract!

Who and which country founded the game volley ball?

practice Ur server first.get good at Ur sever.passing blocking. u need to work out w/ a team. by Ur self is just humming Ur skills..

Where did the sport volleyball originate?

eat wheates

What's the advantage of a 5-1 over a 6-2?

Find a team to play on or recreational volleyball games at the park district. The more you play, the better you'll get.

Can you please send me the lyric of "THE REASON"by HOOBASTANK?

When practicing, do it against a wall.
Serve it first. Then you might have to set it, bump it, or dive for it!

Why volleyball isn' t popular in Romania?

Okay, first I suggest getting on a basic volleyball team. The go to open gyms and practice your SERVE. If you can't get that over playing is pointless. After you have that down, start on bumping. First get used to bumping by yourself then start going back and forth with a partner. Keep it under control. I would go into setting next. Do the same as bu,ping also with spiking :) Good Luck!

I like to play volleyball and I am pretty good at it...?

Find a team to play on or recreational volleyball games at the park district. The more you play, the better you'll get.

What is the best sport ever?

Depends on what skillz you are working on. I could write you a book.

What are the dimenions of of the volley ball play field?

first strengthen your muscles w/ exercises, like sit - ups
then practice your under hands first, when u know you're ready, try to do overhands next. always react when the ball is in the air, and try to never touch the floor.
oh, and drink water

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