Are there Men's volleyball knee pads?

Are there different volleyball knee pads for men and women, or are they all the same?


I love volleyball! Is it stupid to practice every single day at my house after we have already had practice?

most and all knee pads is unisex. just the different size makes them different.some are just made better than others some w/ extra support on the side try diifrent ones see what fits the best for u.

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no cuz we are the man

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Knee pads are knee pads. They are the same for men and women, and are sold as unisex.

Girls, what do you do when u see a huge bug on the floor near you? and why do most girls scream?

Yup and they are the same

How do you play volleyball? Be specific?

Knee pads are knee pads. Yupyup

I still need a name for a volleyball team! come on help me out guys!?

Knee pads can be all sizes but are made for both men and women.

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Well, i'm 10 and joined a vollyball team at my school and my team had one boy in vollyball and he had the same knee pads as me. and at the store when my daddy and i were looking 4 knee pads they didn't have any signs that said stuff like " Men knee pads" or " women knee pads". so my answer to your question would have to be no, they do not have seperat knee pads for men and women in vollyball.


at my school and my league guys dont wear kneepads.

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Knee pads are knee pads. They are the same for men and women, and are sold as unisex.

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There is no difference, they are unisex.

How much are knee pads?

I believe Knee pads are uni-sex.



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Anyone can where knee pads but i suggest not. We had one kid on the team who wore them and we gave him such a hard time. Also one of the rival teams had manditory knee pads... we just thought they were a bunch of pansies.

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never thought there is a difference in knee pads
but theres 2 kinds of knee pads - basket ball and volleyball.
basketball is smooth while volleyball has a small bumb or lump

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