Any ideas for ab work outs other than sit-ups and crunches?

i dont want to spend any money


Strength trainging for volleyball?

1. You can use a balance ball (the big ones; You can find 100s of exercises on the web)
2. You can use medicine balls (you can find 100s of exercises on the web.
3. You can do core abs (stretch out in the plank position like you are going to do a push up and hold it; You can do this on your sides, too)
4. You can do an ab wheel (there's one that goes on your feet that really works your abs, and there's one that you hold with your hands)
5. You can work on max jumping (to max jump you really clench your abs and by throwing your arms up into the air, you work on stretching your ab muscles too).
6. Yoga and Pilates really consentrates on your core.
7. You can do bear crawls, inch worms, etc. Use a volleyball court, bear crawl forwards and backwards and sideways. Do each way 2-3 times.
8. Clench your abs while you are lifting weights to work your core.
9. Clench your abs while you are running, etc. to work your core.
10. Lay on your back and write letters in the air with your feet. Make sure you keep your back on the ground. Write BIG letters in the air using only your feet (works lower abs).

Volley ball setting?

Speed Rope. You can pick one up for about $5 at a sporting goods stores. Not only is a jump rope good cardio workout it's great for the abs too.

What is the top Volleyball cheer in the United States Of America?

pull ups with your legs out straight. You can vary the angle of your legs to emphasis different sections of your abs.

Great workout, Pulls ups and chin ups are great, lifting your legs give the abs a great burn. Just do each lift slow and in control.

Anyone know how to impress your v-ball coach?

the best thing for you to do is butterfly kicks.they give you insane abs!!

Liberos and Serving?

Pilates are great! You can get them to specifically target your abs. They help you get hard flat abs. They are a bunch of different workouts for abs, in this case in 10 or 30 minute sessions. Even doing them once or twice a week can make a HUGE difference.
Trust me, they worked for me.


in a pull up position u lift Ur legs or if u can u can pull Ur self around between Ur arm and pull ur self back over.this was for gymnastic it gave me great abs.

Like cann you spike ona serve for vollball?


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