Could the top female volleyball players play with/against the top male volleyball players?



No, first of all the ladies net is lower, so if you put it to mens height all those great spikes no longer exist. If you lower it to womens height the men would just pound everything not to mention how the jump serves would be. Not sexist but men are bigger, stronger, faster. Its just thewy we're built. then theres the height difference. A tall girl is 6'6' a tall guy 6'10" or 7'+. Its just not realistic. Then the verticle difference on top of that.

Volleyball tips?

sry no way just in beach the guys are bigger faster and can cover the court better. we are talking about the top player not your average Joe.

Why is volleyball such a good sport?

Could play with them, but, would rarely beat them. Guys jump to high, and are to strong

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Well...that's kind of like asking could the top female basketball players play with the best male players. Sheryl Swoops vs. Michael Jordan taught us that, no, females can not do everything that males can do physically.

Same goes for volleyball, the men's game is much more dynamic, fast, and high. Men can just jump higher and quicker and run down balls that most women can't.

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yeah.but playing them and beating them are totally different things....guy volleyball players are just more athletic and are usually stronger and can jump higher!

How do you get stronger serves in volleyball?

girls who are in physical shape and that are tall could probably beat a guy at vollyball!!!!!

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