Any hope for short vball players playing offensive hitter?




What should I do about this dilemma?

Yes, i coach a girls club team,my best player was only 5`5 but hit like a 6`2 power hitter and could dig anything.she had scholarship offers from everyone,so yes shorter players can make it,they do have to work a little harder on hitting but if they want it bad enough they can do it.

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yeah,try to get good topspin and work on your hops, block jumps, 3 sets of 20 a day help sooo much. Dont forget to drink a lot of milk :)

Club Tryouts.?

well... I'm about 5'5 and I hit left side. I was a DS for a year, but I switched back to outside. I have a killer vertical, so that helps. You don't have to be tall

Any tips on better playing?

YES, THER IS!! i am very short... 5' (i'm 16 too)and i play outside. i am the strongest hitter on the team. i can hit across the court or vertical. it is all about timing. you need to start your approach when the ball is at its peak. this has helped me alot. even though i may be very short, i am the strongest, most subsituted player on my team. just have a lot of power (if you can overhand serve well, you do), get the timing, and SLAM that ball DOWN!!! good luck!

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There are three sides to this question. 1. It depends on what you want to achieve. Many coaches have a height bias, so playing division 1 ball at 5'5" is very may have all the offense but they will be looking for blocking as well. If you want to play club ball or Division 2 or 3, this is much more attainable.
2. The other hints on conditioning are helpful, read through those again. I'll add that videotaping your approach and watching it in slow motion and comparing this to someone who has a really good approach will allow you to maximize your vertical. Most people do not use their arms enough or fully transfer their momentum in the approach, find someone who can teach you to do this.
3. Another option is outdoor volleyball. I am a 5' 9" male player that had a 44" vertical back in the day. Even this was not enough to play for most men's indoor teams. I did however play pro-beach and grass doubles, no coach's approval was ever needed for me to do this.


Yes! I'm a guy and i am 5'9 and I was a starting hitter all throughout high school. It helped that I could jump though. Just work on making good contact with the ball and you will be fine!

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I say anything is possible. Talk to a trainer and see about lifting some weight to get some muscle in you arms. While with a trainer ask him what you can do to increase your vertical. I do plyometrics, and have seen a difference.

Spiking help?

Only if you have a 5 foot vert...

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YES! You need confidence! And work on your vertical! Maybe get a personal trainer or talk to your coach to help it out. If you are a good hitter, what does your height matter!? Well, maybe it does a little, but just work at it, and try to achieve your goal. It is so amazing what you can accomplish when you believe!
You go and become the best short offensive hitter ever!

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YES! of course. i play volleyball for a club team (ranked 1 out of 69), and i am an outside/right side hitter. i am only like 5'3. so im one of the shortest on my team, so its worked out for me....

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of course there is! i'm always the shortest on the team i stand at like 5' and im 15 hahaha. anyways
my vertical is really high. i can consistently block a girl a foot taller than me. and i have a really strong arm i play rightside and outside. if you keep a strong arm thats accurate where you can hit cross court or line or anything its possible. work on your vertical by doing squats and wall hits and you can accomplish anything =)

I need to jump higher?

Maybe a little but not really...

What is a good exersice for getting in shape for volleyball?

Depends how short. If you are a girl and your only 5'5" the is really no chance at all that you will see the front row, even if you have an awesome vertical. Because it is not all about the vertical. Taller players have a longer reach and that means they can cover more court. So to even play college ball you have to be twice as quick and as skilled as the taller players.


of course some of the shorter players are very good and can play on college teams.but if you were short and wanted to make it on a professional team, you pretty much have no chance at all!!

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