Any volley ball tips? Ex: serving?

Well im trying out for my school volleyball team,welll they expect me to hit it overhannd and like i cant get the ball over the net,i can do a really good underhand serve,but i want to make the team. so any tips? like overhannd serving,should i close or open m,y fingers,hmm where should i hit it at? and what are my position of my arm and feeet. =].thank u! andanytips on oveerheadpass? i can pass it if its coming straight down,but anytips?


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OK starting with your feet, you should be one step away from the line, if you are right handed your left foot should be in front of your right foot and a foot apart and when you toss the ball up all you weight should be on you right foot.
now your arms, your finger should be apart, when you toss the ball up use your left arm to point at the ball. you can toss the ball up with both hands or your left, but i do both. when you toss the ball all the weight that was on you right foot use it for power to hit the ball over the net.

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its eay just put all your weight on your right foot, point your left foot to where u want the ball to go, give your self a good toss and swing hard.if you cant do that your kinda screwed i sorry =/

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Use a close-fist style in serving the ball, but you do it with your palms facing the ball so that you can have more control over your ball. And in passing always sway your body a liitle backwards so as to prolong the time when the ball touches your arm. That way, the ball will not be over-passed and be just fine for the tosser to set the ball.

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Here you go, it sounds like you need to get a little more umf into your swing. If your right handed start with your right foot forward. Have a nice toss with your hand open and stiff. If your hand is like a noodle you won't get much on the ball. Like a baseball bat compare to a pool noodle hitting a ball. Since your problem is probably getting to and over the net you should hit the ball above your head and slightly under the ball. Step with your left foot coming forward to give yourself some momentum. Practice against a wall for a while and i'm sure you'll get it. Good luck with the try out.

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square up to the net(both feet facing net), stay back far enough so you dont cross the line, hold the ball in front of you and toss the ball high enough so you can hit it but toss it in front of you so if you let it drop it will hit your toe, hold your hand next to your ear, and through the ball up and hit it with an open hand, swing hard and fast

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chose a person you hate so much, pretend it's that's it's the person's head, hit the ball as hard as you can. Hope it work's!!

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WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T HIT IT WITH YOUR FIST CLOSED!!! make your arm like an arrow and then draw back and then strike the ball.good luck

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You would want to serve the ball over handed and with your fingers slightly open. But don't toss the volleyball to high above your head, you want to toss the ball kinda in front of you to get the perfect serve. Oh yeah you also want to hit the ball like in positions either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

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Try throwing the ball over the net, the motions should generally be the same except your hitting it. Using a open hand is always better because it gives you control, and don't forget to step.

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