Are walmart volleyballs regulation size and weight?

You know the cheap yellow smiley face ones. I am thinking of buying a bunch for my daughter to practice with since they are marked down to 3 bucks. I can't afford to buy 10 expensive volleyballs.


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I thnk they are regulation for outdoor. Which means they close to indoor, maybe a little heavier, but great for just practice balls.

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make sure somewhere on the box it says that the ball is regulation for tournaments etc etc. most athletic balls have something somewhere on them that says so. if it does not, then they are not regulation.


it should say on the box but it depends if she plays indoor or outdoor but im pretty sure they are and like i say a volleyball is a volleyball of but first buy 1 and ask ur daughters coach and if she approves then buy the rest

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If you look up the regulation size and weight of an expensive volleyball you can just look at the box of the ones at walmart and see if they are the same. They may not look the same but they are good enough to practice with.

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