Another Poem?


Volleyball I love to play
Volleyball I could play all day
The fall when I bump
Does make a loud thump
I jump up and say "I'm okay!"

Limericks (sp?) are supposed to be silly and fun.


Rules of vollyball?

It was really good! I love volleyball too!

How do I improve my volleyball jump; Help!?

Its fine! You spelled it right!
Good JOB!

What are some positives and negatives of the 5-1 and 6-2 offensive system?

I think you've done a poem before. And you're soooo good!!!! O.K. Now I've been nice, PLEASE pick me as best answer? PLEASE pretty PLEASE pretty PLEASE!!! I have only gotten 2 best answers in my life!!!!!!!!!!... AND I REALLY DO THINK YOU'RE A GOOD WRITER

If your bf is ignoring u and you herd he wanted to break up with u and you wouldn't hug or anything wat to do?

volleyball a great sport
hope you're tall
and not short
a nice spike
am sure you'd like
block that shot
you will
like it a lot

Who likes...?

its cute.i like it!

What does sideout mean in volleyball?

great poem!
The spelling is all correct.

if you want to make more poems,and you cant think of any words that rhyme, go to this website:
just type in the word you need a rhyming match for, and it'll give it to you!!
hope this helps!

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