Any tips on self defense?


Are there any junior volleyball clubs in the bay area? preferably richmond or b?

Sure, avoidance and awareness. If you practice these two items dillegently you will have little need for physcial self defense. But no matter how careful you are there are still times when a physcial confrontation can occur.

Realize that self defnese in not fighting or beating up someone. Self defense, in my opinion means that after a physcial confrontation you are able to get away with little to no injury and able to go about our normal routine without the police looking for you. You are trying to get away, not beat the other person up.

In order to do this you will most likely need to stun your attacker enough for you to get away. Follow the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Stupid. Attack soft target areas like the eye, throat, solar plexis and the groin. Normally one or more of these targets are open to attack. Dont strike with a balled fist to the head. It is very easy to break you hand doing this. Use the heel of your palm or the edge of your hand. Once you commit to act, you must committ 110%. Nothing less will do.

Make a lot of noise and attract attention. Criminals typically don't like a lot of attnetion so draw as much of it as you can to yourself.

This is honestly just the tip of the iceburg. Self defense is mostly mental and not nearly as much physcial. But there are a multitide of factors to contend with and if you are serious you have to realize that you never ever learn it all. The more you know the more you will realize how much there is still to learn.

Are you watching Volleyball World League 2006?

buy a gun.

How do you spike in volleyball?

keep talking till help comes

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