VollyBall Tryouts? OH NO!?

I have never played vollyball like in a real game. We were tought in elementary school but yeah. I know the positions, but i need help on were you are not suppose to do or not suppose to do at your postion, or what you need to do your waht you need to do at your position. PLEASE HELP! Sites would be great!


Of which country volley ball is the national game?

the point of the whole game is to get it on the other side and make it hit the ground. you can't touch the net or hit it twice in a row. you can get three hits on your side, then vault it over. The game goes up to 25 points, the first team to 23 wins. You can either bump, set, or spike it. Bump: A bump is when (if you're right handed do the opposite of what it says) you stick your arms out straight and slap your right hand on top of your left. put your thumbs together and then you hit the ball between your elbows and wrists. Don't bend your elbows when you hit it!! There are normal bumps, back bumps, and side bumps. Set: A set is when you put your fingers above your head, spread them out, and make a window between your two thumbs. You push the ball with your fingers. There are high sets, back sets, tips with one hand, and deep sets. Spike: Spikes are pretty hard to get a good one, this is the way you would do it: (if you're right handed do the opposite) run towards the net, but only take two steps. Right foot, left foot, feet together, jump, arms back, when you're in the air put your right hand up pointing to where you want the ball to go and hit with your left. Also actually try to hit the ceiling of wherever you're playing, if its beach volleyball try to hit the sky. You have to actually try to hit the ceiling if you want this to work. Serve: (right handed=opposite) Put left foot forward, right hand is holding the ball. Step forward with back right foot and hit the bottom of the ball under your palm. If you want to have a drifter serve, then come up alot with knees, bend knees when you step forward. If you want a harder serve, then still use your knees, but not as much and don't come up as much. Remember: practice!

Volleyball or basketball?


Is there a volleyball training camp at Washington State University this summer?

What do you mean? Go to Volleyballbasics.com

Any one like volleyball??

4 3 2
5 6 1

(thats the positions on the net)
go to volleyball.com i cant help u because everyone plays it different my school plays it like NEBRASKA volleyball team (incase you didnt know their the #1 collage volleyball team in the nation) so you have to explain more what you ALREADY know

Jump higher??

if u r postition 1, u usually serve and pass the ball to the setter, in the number 3 positon spot. if u r in position 2, u r a spiker. the setter sets the ball to u, and u jump and spike the ball with ur palm, not fist. (bad idea) if u r in postion 3, u set the ball. the back row people will pass the ball to u, u generally set the ball to the people next to u... set with ur fingertips! if u r in postion 4, u r a spiker. if u r in postion 5 or 6, all u do is pass the ball to setter
hope this helps and good luck!

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