Can somebody name the main rules of volleyball for me?

I would appreciate it very much! Thanks.


Why is female beach volley ball so damn hot? I am a new FAN!?

volleyball (my FAVORITE sport)
The positions of the players are setter, outside hitter (outside) center blocker (center) server, and 2 back defense players. You can also have a libero, who can sub in and out whenever, but this is optional and more confusing
okay, so we have team A and team B...kk?
first, a captain or two come from each team. With the ref, they flip a coin. whoever calls it gets to choose for either the side of the net they want or if they want the serve. (side or serve) I generally pick serve, unless you're facing into the sun. (lets say team A got serve)

When everyone's in position, the side who got the serve (team A) serves. The server stands behind the serving line. they can either do an overhand or an underhand serve. underhand is the basic serve, overhand is more complicated. (i use overhand--if you've got the power, use ALL of it) You only get one chance to serve, and the rest of your team mates can't help a serve over the net. You can't step over the line and (in some leauges) you can't have the ball touch the net.
the team that recieves the ball gets 3 touches to get it over the net. Generally, a back defense player or the server passes it to the setter, who sets it to the outside hitter. Whoever wants to hit has to let the setter know to set to them. If the outside hitter wants to go, they yell, "4!" if the center wants to hit, they yell, "3!". Also, the server can come up from behind and yell, "2!" in this case, the setter will set backwards to them.
Outside hitters are the ones that get to hit/spike the most. you can have a basic 3 step approach. which is a BIG left step, then one short right followed by one short left(the shorts get you into position for the jump) and them you jump up and hit the ball. Start your approach when the ball is at its peak. After you master the 3 step approach, you can begin more complicated approaches, such as 4 steps or more!
Centers also get to hit once in a while, but in pro vball they mainly just block incoming slams from the other team''s hitter.
dig--diving for a particulary low ball, often times having to throw yourself on the floor and roll (look out for your boobs ;D ) mainly back defense players to this or the server.

spike--a slamming down ball onto the other side

hit--just hitting it over the a spike, but nothing special
--------------hope it helps!!! good luck

Who is better at volleyball boys or girls?

Rules for women volleyball players: Run as fast as you can to get to the ball before it hits the ground.

Rules for men volleyball players: Quit playing volleyball and watch the women play instead.

Would you rather see strippers stripping or women vollyball players in the rain?

well all u have 2 do is keep the ball up and pass it over the net

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