Describe a lift in volleyball?


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the second shot.

From where i get information on volley ball?

A lift is when a contact with the ball is longer than the allowed time. This is often called during a set when the setter "holds" the ball too long in their hands. Another is when someone digs the ball but the motion is much like they are "lifting" the ball, instead of hitting, bumping, slapping. Think of it this way, if you stop the direction of the ball, and the ball comes to rest in your hands/arms/body part too long, it is a lift.

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When you come from the underside of the ball, and your hand contacts the ball too long, "lifting" it up, as opposed to hitting or popping it up into the air.

Sets are most often called, but with the newer rules, it is harder to lift on a set.

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A lift is when the ball is "held" or stops for more than the briefest of instants. This is called mostly against the setter. The ball will also be called a lift if the ball dips below the setters eyes, this is called a "deep dish" set, which more than 90% of referees will immediately call.
Since the new rules of allowing open hand receiving of the ball, most referees will allow a longer contact on the serve receive, but this doesn't really make sense.double contacts are legal, not lifts on serve receive. So you will see lots of lifts on serve receive that won't be called.
Also in some other countries, a lift means the same thing as a set.

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On our volleyball team our coach told us a lift is when the palm of your hand touches the ball. The setter gets this called on them most of the time.

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Often when a hitter is trying to make something of a poor set, or get to a ball that is out of reach. They sort of raise the ball up instead of an obvious "hit". The ball should pop off of a hitters hand for a legal hit.

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"Lift, throw or carry" must be avoided at all costs to you. These are moves made by someone that is not a good ball handler. The rules state that the ball must be "cleanly hit", and any ball that "comes to rest" in the opinion of the ref will be whistled. Often a lift is called when contacted below the waist or the receiver is out of position (a desperation hit). You must not let the ball visibly come to rest while swinging your arms up or in a spiking motion (throw) or while traversing a lateral plane (carry).
If you cleanly bump or hit, and you have good chest passing skills, you will have no problem.

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A lift call is enforced on ALL player position,
NOT just the setter.

It does NOT rebound from the hit.
A Prolong contact.
A Carry.
A Hold.
A Throw.
A Catch.
A Lift.

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its also called a carry its when you go to set it our something and your palms hit the ball instead of your finger tips they call it because its like picking the ball up

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