8th grade volleyball team?

Question:i would like to know will it be hard to make my 8th grade volleyball team if i've NEVER really played on a team of any kind. i'm not overweight or anything...but do you guys have any tips on what to do while i wait for try-outs next this summer.

also when you first go to your tryout what do you do and what do you wear & bring?

Thanks for answering!


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You'll learn more when you get on the team, you don't need to practice all that much in 8th grade. Wear shorts, knee pads (definatly need those) and a good baggy work out top. Make sure to bring lots of water too, that will help keep you on your toes. If you have long hair, make sure to put it up, helps A LOT!

You'll make it, don't worry about it!

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I dont no about volley ball cuz I play soccer. But you should have shorts a t-shirt running shoes and if u wear knee pads and elbow pads bring those. It shouldnt be to hard i never really played basket ball in grade 8 but i still made te team starting point guard.

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well bring volleyball knee pads wear spandex shorts and a tshirts and tennis shoes... well playing in 8th grade would be a challenge since most of the other girls probably have had more experience, but i say GO FOR IT, ask someone who plays volleyball to help you out on the basics:


once you have those down then your ready to try out!

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well when i tried out for my 8th grade v-ball team i made it and i nevered play v-ball too. what u need:


t-shirt (bigger is better but not too big kk?)

court shoes that tie

sport sock

adn knee pads that r comfty

ok good luck

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Bring your HEART to the try-out. Before that day, watch, ask, learn & practice. Even if you don't think you have the skill, it's okay because joining a team is where you start to learn the game. Have fun & excel.

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Wear an old tshirt and a pair of spandex. Have kneepads and good athletic shoes ready. When I tried out for my 8th grade vball team, I had NEVER played before, but I was athletic and fit, and I learned fast. Just have the right attitude, that always looks good to a coach. And always be ready for constructive criticism, it almost always happens.

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well you could do some push ups to work your are muscles so it won't be too hard for you to serve practice jumping high up so that way you're ready to spike the ball and you need to practice serving bumping setting and spiking

also bring like a T-shirt shorts tennis shoes knee pads and a water bottle
don't forget you should have your hair in a ponytail or something so it's up and not in your way

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okay yeah, in 7th grade i just randomly joined volleyball and now i am on high school varsity (im in 9th grade) !! yeah GO FOR IT In 8th grade they look for potenial, good basic form, room for improvemnt, and GREAT ATTITUDE!and commitment to your team. Yes, you should get a volleyballl and maybe a friend of yours? she can slap the ball and you can practice your passing form and stuff, also with setting and hitting. Go to a local gym and get a raquetball court and practice some private serving until it is a strong and consistent serve Run some sprints and killers, try jogging on the tredmill every now and then. Lifting weights help a lot yeah and stretch when you remember lol. And try diving on the floor and getting up down and back across a gym floor to work on agility.

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On your first try-out (im in 8th too made A team) you should bring shorts, waterbottle, volleyball pads, running shoes, hair tie, and wear deoderant. Practice....try as hard as you can so the coaches will be impressed and see that you are very dedicated. Listen to the coaches (my coach notices when your talking and your chance of making the team goes down a little). If you don't get it ask the coach. Finally, Practice hard!!

Good luck!!

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Trying out will be a challenge, but you have to be up to it. I was is the same situation and there was one thing that i did that caught my coaches eye. That was that i went after every ball that i could, and that showed them that i was dedicated, now I'm playing on a state volleyball team. Show them that you're willing to sacrifice yourself for the team. Practice is always good, things that you should do is perfect the pass, or bump. It's the key part to any sort of volleyball team. Looking up certain pass styles can be done online, just find the one that's comfortable for you. As for what you what to bring to practice, bring a light colored tee-shirt so sweat doesn't show through, knee pads, good shoes for running and jumping, a water bottle (that way you won't have to wait in line for the drinking fountain) and if you have longer hair, bring plenty of hairbands, because coaches hate it when you have to stop to fix your hair because it's loose. Best of luck, as long as you want it, you can get it.

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hey im trying out 4 the 8th grade school volleyball team in two weeks..its gonna be pretty hard because theres gonna be alot of girls trying out. top priority is the overhand serve so practice. also make sure that u can contro your bumps and sets. lastly u should go in trying out with a positive attitude. not saying sumthing like i know im gonna make it but saying im going to give out my best and try as hard as i can. it will work and good luck to u :)

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well if your in a public school its pretty hard for the compition and they will only pick the best of the best and if ur good u WILL get in wen u go to try outs spandex makes u look lk ur serious about volleyball and u dont care what everyone else says oh and make sure u MAKE them see u stand out what ever ur stranth in volleyball is stick it out and it really doesnt care if ur overwieght or not u need to show them that u really want to be on that team and ur not there to make friends ur there to play volleyball and if ur w/ ur friends make sure that ur not distracted while playing the game well hope this helps

Ii can still not get my overhand serve over the net , and almost everyone in my grade can , what should i do?

Wear knee pads, shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.
When I tried out in seventh grade, only 3 or 4 people had played volleyball and a few people hadn't played on a team before either. So don't worry about that.
What to work on- get in shape. Run a lot. Even though you dont run much in volleyball, you'll probably condition. Work on the basics... passing, setting, serving, and spiking. During tryouts have a good attitude and give 100%. That'll mean a lot to the coaches.
Good luck! And hope this helps :]

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hey... well i transferd to a new town my 8th grade volleyball tryouts were really easy... my old school was ALOT better then the girls that were trying out... so i made it and ade captian... and i transferd towns again! and the team i was on last year kinda well stunk 9th grade was good but anyways my 11th grade i made the team and we got 3rd at a western invitational tournement... 4 provinces worth of schools were there so not to shabby... and we got 2nd in provincals... i made the division team as well... so the 8th grade it depends on how good everyone is... and it depends if it is JUST 8th grade girls or if it is 678 and 9... i would suggest going to a summer camp to learn basics... im sure colleges around where you live or something will be holding them... there alot of fun... at your age they just work on basic skills so it would be perfect for you. i hpe you have fun... cause once you get to a high level of ball its amazing... good luck have fun . to brin buy some knee pads.. and just have good shoes.. you dont need spandex at first but maybe wear them under your normal shorts i know alot of girls were not comfortable wearing them... but there soooo comfy. anyways good luck once again

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wear spandex shorts and a big t-shirt knee pads are a must! lots of water! i never played b4 either and i made my 9th grade volleyball team when i was a freshman! good luck sweetie
also have a positive attitude and dont give up. no pain no gain!

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i didnt make it my 7th and busted my butt off over the summer and made my 8th but make sure you at least know how to pass, set , or hit because if you dont know one you have nothing to offer.
make sure you have:
knee pads
a shirt not to revealing and not to baggie
shoe that are comfortable
your hair tied up
but you really should try to be a well rounded player who can:
and be able to get to the ball
oh and if the only thing you are good at is passing talk to the coach about being a libero i should know i am one for my skool and club ball/select and every team could use one but there come a big resposibility that means you are the best passer in the team your team relies on you to get your passes up and you will get to the floor for anything i have been the best in my skool for a long time. so really wat i want to say is have fun play your heart out and try your best

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what i would do is get a volleyball and practice your serving. there are two types of serves they are the underhand serve and the overhand serve. the underhand serve is when you have the ball in your hand in front of you and then u take your other arm and swing. the over hand serve is when you throw the ball up and hit it in the air. then i would pratice your bumping, and your setting. then you should be pretting set to go for your volleyball team. if you practice you should be able to do fine on the team.

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Wear shorts and a T-shirt. Don't be nervous about your try-outs...its no big deal! You probably should get a ball and practice serving, spiking, passing, and moving quickly. Its a lot easier if you are practicing with a partener. Volleyball isn't really that hard to understand either! After you get the hang of it..it kinda just comes natural! Well good luck at your try-outs. Hope yah make the team!

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