Im a pretty athletic person. I do basketball and softball. Im trying out for Volleyball tomorrow and i'm really nervous. I made the team last year, but there is a new coach this year. She is the cpu teacher at our school, but im not one of her students. She is nice to me when i see her in the halls, but she seems that she will be a very stricted coach. I need some conditioning help and a confidence builder. Thanks


Hanford high cheer?

Always hustle, be a good sport, and do your best. But never say "im sorry" because you hit the ball wrong because it shows that your not focused. Practice as much as you can before you tryout. Lots of luck! =)

Anyone knows any indoor volleyball clubs in Perth?

Keep a smile on your face, congratulate others for good play, communicate( call the ball loud ). Try your hardest.
Good Luck!!

What should I name my summer volleyball team?

Never - EVER give up on a BALL. Even if it is 100 feet out of the court, run for it until it hits the ground. ATTITUDE is SUPER important to coaches.

I am on a junior olympic volleyball team & we need some awesome cheers & chants 2 get us pumped up?

I think that you can make the team (after all you are athletic). All you need is your friends support thats all.

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