Do akle wieghts effect your hieght because I'm 13 and 5'4 and I have 2o pound ankle weights.?


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No, ankle weights will not effect your height. Your height is determined by bone growth which is determined (not only by DNA) but by growth plates. These plates are at the end portion, below the head, of your bones. These growth plates stay active until you exit puberty. This is another reason why children ages 15 and below should avoid wheight lifting except for conditioning purposes.
As a further suggestion, when you wear the weights to run, do not wear them on your ankles, but on your wrists instead. You will recieve the same benefits of weight resistance, but will avoid injuries such as bone spurs, which can occur when ankle weights are worn.

Well i am starting volleyball soon and we need to pick out a cool name. Any ideas?


How can you win a volleyball match?

Good answer from LTin2000. To go a little bit further - if you're trying to jump higher, the best way to do that is to jump - ALOT.

You are a little young to weight train - your muscles/bone structure is still growing.

You'll get bored with jump training, unless you try different ways of doing things. Here are some ideas:

Jump Rope - 2 Minutes without a miss, then start working on double jumps and tricks. Use a weighted rope!
Cone Jump - Get a cone and jump over it. See how many times that you can jump over it in 20 seconds. Buckets work good too.
Tire jumps - Like Football players do - this gets your feet up and down quickly.
Touch jumps - 3 sets of 25 jumps where you reach up and try to touch as high as you can - but stay on the ground as little as possible - don't let your heels touch.

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